Today’s everyone know gold is much valuable than other metal and for every person purchasing this kind of metal is impossible and if anyone purchase he should one thing in his mind which is that ahead of purchasing the products of gold from the jewellery shop check these goods are pure or not in the Gold Testing Machines & Equipments because again any person cannot easily purchase the items of gold as in these days the cost the cost of this metal is continuously rising on the daily basis and from the several past years the prices are increasing and they will as well increase. When manufacturer make several products such as chain, ring, bracelet etc. they frequently use several other metals with the gold. So at the time of buying gold, testing becomes necessary thing for all of the customers.

Now we are going to explain about various testing methods. First of all we will tell about Gold Carat Tester India. By using this method you can easily know about the purity level of your gold products. In some previous years, when the testing were not come in the market then this kind of method is mostly used and by using this way you can easily know about the purity level of your gold items within a few seconds. In these days, everyone knows twenty four carat is forever pure gold but eight, twelve, sixteen and thirty two carat is not a pure gold.