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    Crimeseekers H.O.P.E (CS) Helps families around the world in their time of need. Missing, Runaway, Abused, Search and Recovery and much more. Do you or someone your know have a missing loved one? WE WANT TO HELP!!! We feel each case of the missing is just as important as the next and ALL deserve equal attention. We will strive to get the attention your loved one so deserves.
    You never know just when your post might be that one post that reaches that right person. The one person that might be able to give that little tip that leads to the safe return of someone's loved one, Someones Mom, Someones Dad, Someones Child. Please take a moment to look at all the missing people and share them with your friends and them with theirs. Together WE CAN make a difference!!~Teressa
    Feel free to pm me here on the forum

    Thanks for joining!

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    Default Re: Crimeseekers H.O.P.E

    Thank You for the invite
    Deana Dixon
    Crimeseeker's HOPE
    Director of Domestic Violence Education

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