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    Default "Zombie Attacks"

    After the rumors circulating through the years about Zombies in 2012, I have to admit it's kinda freaky. However, on a scientific note, these people are all high on drugs, they aren't brought back to life, they haven't been dead. And the power of suggestion is a very underated thing. If these people have been thinking that the possiblity of this happening to them or in general is possible, and then they get strung out, or experience a psychological issue, etc, the chances of their mind creating the delusion is very high.
    For those wondering, the whole Zombie thing came about when people combined their interpretations of the bible and the Mayan calender together. The Mayan calender belief is that the world will end in 2012, but of course doesn't say how, the calender just ends. So someone with too much time on their hands, (IMO) went to the bible and interpreted Jesus raising the dead (dead raising=zombies) combined that with the world is gonna end in 2012 (Mayan calender) and decided it must be because it will be overtaken with zombies. Lol.
    On another note, there have been cannibals since the beginning of time. The first documented case being in 1874 in the case of Alfred Packer.

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