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If you cant join the Chat you need to update your flash if you are still having problems email Teressa@crimeseekers.net

To Register on the chatroom you need to follow these steps:
1) Type /nick NICKYOUWANT (replacing NICKYOUWANT with a valid nick).
2) Type /ns register PASSWORD your@email (replacing PASSWORD with your password choice and your@email with your VALID email address).
3) Whenever you login, you need to type /nick YOURNICK (changing YOURNICK with your registered nick) and then type /ns identify YOURPASS (changing YOURPASS with your password).

CHATROOM RULES: (Note these rules can change with or without warning.)
  1. Abusive comments towards chatters, moderators, etc is prohibited.
  2. No flooding, this includes, asking the same question over and over and repeating your lines.
  3. Respect others opinions, agree to disagree.
  4. Idling in chat is only permited for regulars or permission from the Mods Team. Idling after 5 hours will result in the following: 1st offence kick. 2nd offense Banned.
  5. Please dont use RED, this is only to be used by the moderators of Crimeseekers.
  6. If you want to rant, in the chat type /join #csrants and you will be able to rant there!
  7. The material posted on any section of this site, it's forum, or on IRC does not legally bind Crimeseekers or it's affiliates. in any way, shape or form. The opinions expressed by our users and staff reflect them and only them. Crimeseekers and it's affiliates are in no way to be made responsible for them. Abusive staff members CAN be reported via email at: Teressa@crimeseekers.net with supportive logs and it will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

If you have been banned from the chatroom please CLICK HERE for information on how to appeal your ban, you will need to know your nickname and IP (obtainable from whatismyip.com)
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